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Oral Cancer Screening System


Zappier’s has developed a Oral Cancer Screening System (OCSS) in collaboration with the Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Using OCSS, developed using the Open Data Kit and eMOCHA frameworks, doctors can create medical procedures and upload them to Android based phones used by community health workers deployed in rural areas. Procedures are step-by-step instructions that guide health workers through all the data points required to be collected and questions required to be asked during an appointment with a member of the community.  Health workers can run these pre-programmed medical procedures on their phones and collect the required patient data, including pictures and videos as they are prompted. The information collected can be uploaded to a cloud-based medical health record system for a doctor to review. The diagnosis or recommendation for follow-up is sent back to the community health worker, who then communicates this information back to the patient.

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